During the 78th Conference of 2001, it was resolved that the Constitution of the Church be completed amended for reprinting in 2002. One of the most important aspects that was resolved to be included in the amended Constitution, was the Basic Teachings of the Church. The Constitution Committee was assigned this task, and was subsequently referred to the Ministerial Standing Committee and the Sia’atoutai Theological College, and later returned to the Standing Committee for approval.  It was also resolved that appropriate scriptural passages be included to further endorse and support the Basic Teachings, It was also resolved that the amended Constitution include the Basic Beliefs of the Church which was formulated by the Conscience Committee of the Church and approved by the  Standing Committee.
The Constitution Committee resolved and approved by the Standing Committee, that a sub-committee be formed to work on the amendments, and they included Tevita Poasi Tupou, Palavilala Tapueluelu, Malolo Fuka, Dr ‘Ahio, Simote Mesuilame Vea, Tevita Vaipuna, Tomasi Fakahua and the Secretary of the Conference. The sub-committee attempted to restructure the Constitution and also insert all the amendments that had been resolved. in previous Conferences.
The completed work on the Constitution was submitted to the 79th Session of the General Conference in 2002, for approval and printing and use by the Church. The Conference duly approved the amended Constitution and gave instructions for the work to be printed.
The President of the Church and the General Secretary of the Conference signed for Fifth Edition of the Constitution of the Church.
On the 19th day of May 2005
Sgd Alifaleti Malakai Mone (PRESIDENT)
Sgd Penisimani Tavalu Fonua (GENERAL SECRETARY)