1. The first regulation for the assistance of the Catechumen, is to donate one seniti each week, and when the Tickets are distributed, to offer twelve seniti, which amounts to twenty four seniti each Quarter. That is the regulation, for anyone who is poor, should not abide by this regulation. Also well to do and wealthy people should not be confined but feel free to contribute from fifty seniti and above. In Tonga, our contributions are made each quarter amounting to twenty four seniti. That is the regulation, but that does not stop contributions of ten or five seniti from the poor, and anyone making a larger contribution, should accepted with gratitude.
  2. Everyone is free to become a Catechumen, if they so wish to escape the wrath of God and wish to be saved from their sins.
  3. Another attribute, is to TURN AWAY FROM INIQUITIES. Here are also other iniquities that we should attempt to avoid:
    1. Taking the name of the Lord in vain.  Breaking the laws of the Sunday by doing tasks that should be performed on other days. Drinking alcohol to excess and its sale except for medicinal purposes.
    2. Fighting and quarreling. The Legal adjudications between family and family, the paying of one wrongdoing with another, and retaliating a bad language with another, and excessive self praise of own possessions.
    3. Here are some more iniquities to avoid. The buying of goods that have not been allowed. Imposing of excessive interest on goods. Useless gossip and abuse of those in authority.
    4. Do not do to others what we would not have them do to us.
    5. Do not do anything that would defame God like the following: the wearing of expensive clothes and playing games that do not manifest the good name of the Lord Jesus Christ. The singing of unsavory songs and reading unsuitable books that do not help us enhance our knowledge of God. Those are the words of Mr. Wesley, but for us in Tonga it means the singing of songs and reading of books that wold undermine our religion.
    6. Do not be lazy and become useless.
    7. Do not accumulate wordly possessions.
    8. Do not go into debt if there is no visible means of repayment.
  4. Another character befitting of a Catechumen, is Doing Good.  There are many aspects of Doing Good. One is being diligent in charity work and being useful to other people.

To be useful physically, if we able to offer food, or clothes or visiting people who are sick, or someone in prison and offer help. We should also try to be helpful by offering spiritual assistance, and admonish those that are straying, and it is a “Teaching of the devil, that you should not offer spiritual help, unless you feel warmth in your heart to do so”. Most especially that we should offer assistance to our fellow members, and if we are in a position to do so, to pray for them.

It is the duty of the Catechumen, to carry out his material obligations, and to practice restraint for the sake of our religion.

  1. The Catechumen should always remember that the life of the Christian is not an easy one. They have a race to run, and they have a cross to bear and a lot of things to persevere in.  They will be mocked because of Christ, and they will called the trash of this world, and they should not be surprised at the hatred of the world towards them as they also express hatred to our Lord.
  2. Another character that is expected of the Catechumen, is keeping the regulations of religion. Here are some of them:

Attending fellowships, Reading the Scriptures and striving to understand the word of God. Uphold the two Sacraments, taking our children to be baptised and partaking of the Sacrament of the Last Super. Holding family worship and private meditation, Fasting and not eating to excess.

  1. These are the last words of the Wesleys in their letter:

These are major instructions to our people: but they are the teachings of our Lord in His Words for us to follow. That means, that the Holy Bible is the Book of Life, and the Law of Religion. And we know that these words are etched by the Spirit in the minds of the people who are truly saved.  Anyone who neglects these words, or who fails to carry out these obligations, we will admonish. If they do not repent, that person does not have any relationship to us, our hearts are clear.

Mr. John Wesley

Mr Charles Wesley.