1. A Sunday School will be established in each parish and the work is to be kept in a religious manner, and to be held in a satisfactory time on Sunday by a decision of the Local Trustees.
  2. A Local Committee can be established to look after the work, and the Minister will chair it and it will include the Head of the Sunday School and the Teachers.
  3. The Local Committees will appoint a Secretary and it is his duty to keep the records of the meeting.
  4. The Sunday School is to be held every Sunday, except when the night time service is held during the day at another village, and it is not to be missed unless excused by the President or the Chairing Minister.
  5. For the Minister to check the lessons and everything that is to be done in the Ceremony of the Sunday School to ensure that it is in accordance with the Doctrines and the practice in our Church.
  6. To conduct the main yearly examination of the Sunday Schools in all Districts, and for the sermon and for the Ceremonies of the Sunday Schools in the first Sunday of May, to be done uniformly in all Regions.
  7. To exhort people for their children to be seated in Church with their Teachers or their parents.
  8. For a collection to be done during the sermon on the Sunday of the Ceremony of the Sunday Schools, and to use this money to buy material for the pupils for the Sunday School, or pay their share of donations to the Department for Christian Education.
  9. For the Regions to make the decisions in relation to the inspection of the Sunday Schools.
  10. For two Representatives of the Department for Christian Education to participate in each Regional Meeting (except the two Regions of Niua Fo’ou and Niua Toputapu to have one each and for them to participate in the meeting with the representative of the Education Department.