1. The Conference will from time to time appoint 16 Main Trustees from Church Ministers and lay people.
  2. Should the King and the Chiefs provide the Church with some land, the deed of lease is to be signed in the name of the sixteen (16) Main Trustees. Eight will be Chiefs and eight will be Ordained Ministers. The Main Trustees can select two or more of their numbers to sign any deed of lease on their behalf. They will represent the Church on matters relating to land and they will be called The Main Trustees.
  3. If any vacancy arises for a Main Trustee’s position by reason of death, resignation, or from someone leaving the Church; the Conference can choose a replacement. The President of the Church will chair the meetings of the Main Trustees, and he has the authority to call a meeting and no meeting can take place unless there is a quorum of seven members present, including the Chairperson. The Chair will report to the Conference on the work that has been done.


  1. If any church building is to be built on Church property at any place or village, the Head Minister will appoint local Trustees to look after and make decisions in relation to the land and church building to ensure that they are used in accordance with the Laws and Determinations of the Church. There shall be no fewer than three and no more than twenty-four (24) Trustees. The Trustees will meet at least once a year and no meeting can take place unless there is a quorum of two-thirds of members. The Meetings will be chaired by the Chairing Minister, or anyone he has appointed to replace him, or the Head Minister of the parish.
  2. Before the local trustees can meet, prior notice before the date of the meeting is to be given to the congregation, but there should be prior conferring with the Minister.
  3. It is up to the Trustees to appoint a secretary and this be done in accordance with the wish of the majority. It is his work to keep the records of the meetings and to record there the various activities.
  4. The meeting will be conducted using these questions:

a)      Who is attending the meeting?

e)      Is there someone to be appointed a Trustee?

f)       How is the Accounts Book?

h)      How is the chapel and its content, and are we making any decision about them?

  1. It is the role of the Chairing Minister to keep the Trustees’ money and the Trustees can decide how the money is to be used for the work of the Church.
  2. The Meeting, should they approve, can appoint a person to be the Steward responsible for looking after the chapel.
  3. The Meeting can make decisions relating to the mowing and maintenance of the church section and front section.
  4. The Minister can nominate a person to be Steward and the Meeting can approve the nomination by a show of hands.
  5. The Choir can appoint a Choirmaster, subject to confirmation by the Minister and the Local Trustees.
  6. It has been approved for our church to have services with the two Churches of Tonga, the Catholic and Anglican Churches. There has to be clear communication with the other Church Leaders for approval for us to use their various chapels. There should be common understanding that the various sermons will be focused on emphasising the Words of God. But the Minister and the Local Trustees should meet to check whether they approve if a request is made.